Business owners and representatives of small businesses in Auki, Malaita Province successfully completed a four-day business training that was conducted from 25-28 June 2019.

This training was part of the continuous efforts by the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) to build and improve the capacity and ability of small businesses to not only survive, but also to grow their business, fulfilling their potential to contribute to the country’s economy.

Twelve (12) participants underwent the ‘Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting’ training.

This was the second provincial business training SICCI delivered this year. A similar training was delivered to small businesses in Gizo, Western Province last month in May.

“The training is very useful as it is tailored to suit businesses in the provinces,” Solomon Alufoo’oa from Legacy Press, said.

Legacy Press is a SICCI member based in Auki and according to Mr Alufoo’oa, they have been using MYOB and this training has helped him understand the basics of accounting and bookkeeping.

Mr Alufoo’oa is now looking forward to train his staff after successfully completing the training.

Owner of DST Travellers Lodge in Auki, Philip Solodia meanwhile thanked SICCI for bringing such important business trainings to the provinces.

He said the training has really helped participants to understand how to manage their businesses better, by keeping accurate and updated business records and improving bookkeeping management.

“Now some of us understand the importance of business management,” Mr Solodia said.

SICCI is implementing training for its province-based members, trialling a partnership with Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Centre (SISBEC) to deliver this Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting training.

SISBEC Manager, Mr Ben Nginabule said the training outcome is to help business operators to improve their financial record keeping so that they can have reliable financial reports to help them in managing their businesses effectively.

“This is a powerful tool as it can also help in growing their operations or expanding their business, as sound financial records are a prerequisite for financing by say, commercial banks,” Mr Nginabule said.

SICCI Membership and Services Officer, Naomi Mara says as the peak organization representing private sector, the Chamber aims to extend its reach to the provinces in order to better represent the Solomon Islands private sector.

“It is important for SICCI to support and provide an avenue for rural-based entrepreneurs to have access to trainings which will enable their businesses to grow.

“Not only that, but to also be plugged into the Chamber network and work out from the different services and support we have going on for our members, which ones will add value to their operations,” she said.

Ultimately this meets the Chamber goal of contributing to economic development across the country, and not just in Honiara.

“This approach of taking value-add services to them, is because businesses in the provinces often lack access to business networks and support systems as compared to businesses in Honiara,” Ms Mara said.

Ms Mara, who travels to the provinces to organize these trainings, said the topic ‘Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting’ was recommended by businesses following similar provincial trips conducted by SICCI last year 2018.

SICCI will be conducting two more provincial visits this year to Kirakira, Makira/Ulawa Province and to Munda and Noro in the Western province in July and early August.

Source: SICCI