The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) has been conducting an enterprise survey with business and industry to better understand the situation and challenges faced due to the ongoing challenges brought about by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and the Preparatory measures in country.

The survey asks whether the enterprise is still in operation fully on site; fully but remotely working; or partially or non-operating. The survey also asks if there have been dismissals or planned dismissals due to COVID19 impacts, as well as assess total dismissed so far.

Also, respondents are asked what their main challenges are, whether it is cashflow, worker absence due to illness or government orders, disrupted supply chains, business partners being affected, clients being affected and therefore dampened demand, or difficulty in loan repayments.

It closes this week and SICCI welcomes respondents from all business and industry regardless whether they are members of the Chamber or not.

The survey will help to quantify the impact on business especially on the number of job-loss.

The full extent of the impact will not be known and it will be a moving target but collating some of the initial impacts will help us all get a better understanding and in turn inform decision on necessary interventions.

Source: SICCI