There is need for talks between leaders of two religious groups to solve differences between them.

The call comes amid ongoing tension between the Anglican members and Muslim members following an incident which a member of a Muslim group bashed an Anglican priest in East Malaita.

Solomon Islands Christian Association (SICA) Secretary General, Philemon Riti, said there is definite need for leaders of both groups to "meet, talk and resolve their problem".

"[They] need to put aside religious differences because we are all one under the eyes of God."

Mr. Riti urged all denominations in the country to put to a stop these "inhumane, heartless and ruthless actions against each other".

Meanwhile, Malaita police are still hunting for suspect, Jack Rade, also the leader for the Muslim League community in East Malaita, in relation to the attack.

The Provincial Police Commander says the situation between the Muslim group and communities in East Malaita is very hostile and police have appealed to the Muslim elders to handover the suspect.

The Anglican priest is reportedly suffering from trauma after the assault, which happened on the 16th of December 2008.