The Solomon Islands Delegation to the 43rd Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA) Session of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) has expressed its willingness to consider the Host Country Grant Initiative at the conclusion of the Session Monday this week.

The Host Country Grant is a financial contribution, which Solomon Islands as a host country of an In-Country SPC office is amongst the countries requested to pay commencing 2015.

For Solomon Islands, the initiative is an important responsibility to enhance the cooperation between the Government and SPC in terms of the existing SPC programs in the country.

Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Fiji, Patterson Oti who heads the Solomon Islands delegation to the 43rd CRGA said the request of a Host Country Grant is an initiative that Solomon Islands is pleased to consider.

“In retrospect to the ongoing programs that SPC is undertaking within the country, we would very much want to ensure that the cooperation between the SIG and SPC continue for the benefit of the greater Solomon Islands community,” Mr Oti said.

Also discussed during the Session were the SPC Financial situation, SPC Governance Arrangements and its Program Directories, a new program created to assist the Director Generals Office in ensuring effective and efficient delivery of services by the organization to member countries.

The outcomes of an Independent Review of the SPC and the much anticipated Pacific Plan Review were also discussed during the Session.

Also at the 43rd CGRA a set of recommendations were put forth to the 8th Conference of the Pacific Community for consideration and endorsement.

Commenting on the recommendations, Minister for Planning and Aid Coordination, Connelly Sandakabatu who is Head of Solomon Islands Delegation to the 8th Conference of the Pacific Community, said the critical issue relating to meeting the basic needs of Pacific Communities and how we could optimally meet these in the future strategic direction of the SPC after 2015 hinges on the need to be inclusive in our outlook and approach.

“It is undeniable to note the level of success achieved this far by SPC including forging a new partnership program between Solomon Islands and SPC such as its multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder partnership in Choiseul - program that highlights the importance and effectiveness of inclusivity in partnership,

Minister Sandakabatu further emphasized that “Post 2015” is not far from where we are and the collaborative and partnership arrangements towards issues and priorities have to be set right.

“Whilst work have already began, the priority pillars needs to be further discussed as to which issues are key priorities considering that our goals should be specific, inclusive and, measurable,” he added.

The Solomon Islands delegation to both the 43rd CRGA session and the 8th Conference of the Pacific Community included Hon Connelly Sandakabatu, Mr Patteson Oti, Mr. Allan Daonga - Undersecretary for the Ministry of Planning and Aid Coordination, Mr. Trevor Unusu -Counsellor of Solomon Islands Mission to Fiji and Mr. Joseph Atkin Tada - Chief Desk Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade.


Press Release: GCU