Stall displays around the show grounds depicts the unique village setting of the Solomons.

Among the many displays is King Solomon Hotel's very unique set up of its stall built in the shape of the hotel's exterior around a huge rain tree.

The traditionally built stall rise two stories with a sitting and dining area setting downstairs and a bedroom sample upstairs.

"What is really striking about this stall is the way it has been built around the huge tree," Henry Tagimae told Solomon Times.

Mr. Tagimae added that the designs also reflects well of the local culture.

"Whoever designed plans for the King Solomon Hotel display is very creative in combining the modern and cultural world together," he said.

Most on the show grounds have expressed pride in the cultural displays that speak loud of the diverse culture in the Solomons.

"To see all the foreign visitors walking around with great admiration makes me really proud to be a Solomon Islander," Mr. Tagimae said.

He said that Solomon Islanders should be very proud of their talents "because they can do anything just on top of their head".

"Solomon Islanders have the tendency to just create what comes to mind and that's what makes us very unique when it comes to skills and talents," Mr. Tagimae added.