Despite being diagnosed with renal failure in December 2019, 41-year-old Kelinda Dame Tsiode from Buada District Nauru Island achieved her dream of graduating with a Diploma in Accounting (Level 5) from The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Laucala Campus.

She further experienced multiple seizures and had head surgery because of blood clots in 2020. Due to these health problems, she missed classes, and most of her time was confined at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWMH) for further treatments.

Kelinda undergoes dialysis twelve times a month costing her $500.00 per session. She thanked the Government of Nauru for fully funding her treatment while studying and the Nauru Embassy in Suva for taking care of her wellbeing. Secondly, she thanked the Nauru Utilities Corporation, where she works, for their full support and sponsorship.

“The effort from my sponsors insending me over for studies in Laucala would be futile if I would return with nothing. Despite health limitations and the obstacles I have encountered, I was determined that I must complete what I came to do,” Kelinda said.

Kelinda said that God had been her source of strength, and she is grateful for his love.

“The support I get from my husband, three children, families, study buddies, and the lecturers, including my management team of Nauru Utilities Corporation, is my strength. I like to keep a positive mindset,” she said.

“Daily prayers and rewarding myself after each task has kept me going.”

She explained that she chose to study while on dialysis since she had sold everything in order to start a new life and enhance her education before traveling from Nauru to Fiji.

“There were times I wanted to give up studies due to human imperfection and negative thoughts but remembered all the sacrifices people in my have life made,” Kelinda said.

“At times, I had low self-esteem and felt that I was a waste of time and resource to those who are supporting me because they would have opted for a healthy person. But in the end, I always tried and pushed myself up again.”

She expressed her gratitude on receiving the diploma, saying, "What God has intended for you will always turn out as he has purposed for each of us. No sickness or disease can deter that.”

She encourages everyone to pursue their dream.

“Grab all the opportunities thrown at you and challenge them. We learn new things every day despite health issues, gender differences, and diverse backgrounds. Keep working towards your goal,” added Kelinda.

Source: USP Press Release