The country currently has up to 120 quarantine rooms in place now.

Speaking at the weekly talkback show, Director of the National Disaster Management (NDMO) Loti Yates said there has been a gap in quarantine facilities after two of the initially identified sites were returned to their administrators.

The two sites are King George the Sixth School and the former Telekom recreational centre that was recently purchased by the National Hosting Authority.

Yates said camp management or institutional quarantine facilities are a very important part in the fight against COVID-19.

“This has left us with about 300 beds short in our facilities. Currently we are left with GBR and Vimeo apartments. We have secured another six beds at the airport motel”, Yates said.

He said if more than 120 people arrive in the country, the government will not be able to house them comfortably in these quarantine sites.

At the moment, talks are underway to repatriate Solomon Islanders.

Yates said should the government decide to bring in these Solomon Islanders from overseas, his team will need to work harder to make sure quarantine facilities are available and ready before the next influx of passengers arrive.

He said currently three people are living in isolation at the quarantine sites.

Two of those in isolation are staff from the fisheries while the third person is presumably a helicopter pilot brought into the country almost a fortnight ago.

Meanwhile, he said the provinces are not yet ready to keep people in isolation.

Yates said the province's identification of quarantine sites were already made but no infrastructure and facilities are available as yet.

“Our challenge now is the border. I don't think we have facilities to quarantine people there at the border”, Yates said.