Celebrating in a senseless manner will always lead to tragedy, according to Honiara's own favorite, Leonard Ramo, best known as "Nati Hatsoa".

Nati, who co-hosts breakfast show on Paoa FM, is known to be always reminding the public on important issues that affects everyone.

Speaking in light of a decomposed body found recently in Honiara, Nati said that this is the result of "careless drinking" that leads to a sad end.

"We are all in the mood to celebrate as we approach Christmas and New Year but while people are having a good time, they should also be mindful at all times," he said.

Nati said that what happened to the young man is an unfortunate incident that is a wake up to all who like to celebrate with alcohol.

"This is the season of celebration and fun but we need to take care of ourselves and always be alert of risks in place," he said.

Nati said that the best way to party is at home where it is guaranteed to be safe and people will be aware of whatever takes place in the event of trouble.

The radio icon admits to once being one of the people who did not really care about where he was drinking or what was going to happen to him.

"All I used to care about was getting drunk and nothing beyond that," he added.

He placed more emphasis on underage drinkers saying these are "young children" who do not know the dangers they are placing themselves into.

Nati who claims to be a more sensible drinker nowadays advised the public to always "stay on the safe side".