A number of Selwyn College students returned to Honiara last week because of flooding at the school caused by the recent torrential weather.

A school official has confirmed that forms one, two, and four students have been forced to leave the school due to massive flooding.

Students told SIBC that school dormitories were flooded with water and debris after a nearby river burst its banks.

"We were told to leave the dormitory late in the afternoon, we were standing near the dining hall as the water came in," one student said. "We were not in any danger, it was gradual, and so we just stood and watched with our belongings."

One student also said that the water level at the school's soccer field during the flooding "was almost up to a meter deep."

The school official says that classes have been cancelled for two weeks for those classes that will not be sitting entrance examinations this year.

The students arrived in Honiara onboard the Church of Melanesia ship, Southern Cross.