The Solomon Islands Police Force is concerned that members of the public have been attempting to sell unexploded ordinances (UXOs) to scrap metal companies.

Officers from the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit are aware that scrap metal companies have been approached by a number of people trying to sell a range of World War II UXOs.

Sergeant Trevor Nina from the EOD Unit said that transporting or selling UXOs is not only life threatening but it is also a crime.

"Moving UXOs is a very dangerous practice. Only trained bomb disposal officers should transport such hazardous items. UXOs can be unstable and may explode if not handled correctly."

"Members of the public may not be aware that it is a criminal offence to sell UXOs. I urge the community to use common sense and not endanger their life in the effort to make some money from scrap metal companies. Leave UXOs to the trained professionals," he said.

Police are urging the public to contact them should they find a UXO.

"The correct procedure to follow if you find a UXO is to leave it in the ground, call the police and make sure no one goes near it."

They reminded the public that it is the responsibility of the police to transport the item for safe disposal.