The Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, has said that although the country had accomplished political stability, some seeds of the previous unrest are still there and they need to be eliminated.

But the Prime Minister pledged that his government would ensure that the remaining seeds of the previous unrest would be weeded out once and for all.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the Prime Minister singles out the desire to attain political stability as a major challenge which his government faced when it took over government two years ago.

The Prime Minister said that his government had six months to restore stability before it could focus on updating legislation, introducing new laws and generally reviving state institutions.

Dr. Sikua acknowledged the role which he said development partners, including RAMSI, played in restoring stability in Solomon Islands.

He said his government believes in respecting people and doing the right thing, which have resulted in the return of warm feelings in Solomon Islands.

But he adds that the reality of politics also created problems for his government.

"It must be understood that the government comprises the majority of Members of Parliament who do not always agree on some things. It's like 26 MPs or more want to travel to the same or common destination, while other groups believe their choice of destination and method is best," the Prime Minister said.

He said that politics is a battle of ideas, but the reality of politics here dictates that negotiations and compromises amongst partners in the CNURA government must take place before arriving at agreed decisions.

"But the coalition partners always agree that politics is not about force, bullying or being rude," the Prime Minister said.

Dr. Sikua praised his government for the success and achievements accomplished during a short time period and not being rude to Solomon Islands donor and development partners.

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