Security provided for the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester proved to be a success during their arrival yesterday, Sunday 3rd of August, at the Henderson Airport.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police along with the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) provided tight security for the Royal couple upon their arrival and will continue until their departure.

Numerous members of the public were present at the airport and hundreds more stood along the road waving the British and Solomon Islands flag with happy cheers as the Royal convoy traveled from Henderson airport to town.

The Royals arrived safely at the British High Commissioner's residence and then onto the Government House. Security was tight all throughout the journey and although the local Police and RAMSI officers expected minor mishaps, nothing of the sort happened as they accompanied the Royal convoy to their destination.

A local police officer reported that they spotted a young man along the Fishing Village area, wanting to throw a bucketful of water onto the Royal convoy. In the end, he was reluctant and disappeared into the crowd when he saw police officers walking towards him. The young man was believed to be either drunk or mentally ill.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police along with RAMSI were grateful with the co-operation from the public, who never attempted to misbehave during the Royal visit.