The Minister for Police and National Security Samuel Manetoali has pledged to use his Ministry's 2008 Budget allocations to provide a safe and secure environment for Solomon Islands.

The Government has allocated more than SBD$92million, in its 2008 recurrent budget estimates, and more than SBD$20million in its development estimates to the Ministry of Police and National Security.

The Police Minister told National Parliament during the general debate on the 2008 Budget that his Ministry's 2008 budget allocations would enable the Ministry to implement its priorities and programs, one of which is a safe and secure environment.

"A safe and secure environment in the country has both economic and social benefits to the people of Solomon Islands," said Mr. Manetoali. "A safe and secure environment are essential for foreign will also help to promote harmonious and peaceful coexistence between our people."

"These activities, he said, can only take place in a secure, safe and peaceful environment and my Ministry will utilize these financial resources to continue to provide the services required in maintaining law and order and security for the country," stressed Mr. Manetoali.

The Ministry, he said, will focus on implementing the Government's priorities and programs in regards to national security.

"The Police and Prison Service will continue to be strengthened and developed in terms of their human resources through capacity building, ongoing recruitment and training, and leadership training on the job."

Minister Manetoali said that capacity development is progressing as well and selected overseas attachments for professional development to ensure long term sustainability are also going ahead well.

These efforts will be supported by the AUSAID law and justice program which also provides help to the Prison Service and the PPF.

On police housing, the Police Minister said that it is the biggest constraint to the Government's capacity building efforts and the absence of suitable housing also undermines efforts to build professionalism at the workplace through capacity building. However, he said that the Ministry will continue with its current efforts to provide suitable housing for Police and Prison Officers both in Honiara and in the Provinces.

To achieve this objective, he said, the Ministry of Police and National Security will continue with its program which includes the rehabilitation and rebuilding of houses for our Police Force based in Gizo which were destroyed or affected by tsunami.