The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) is calling on all persons who are eligible for their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine either Sinopharm or AstraZeneca to come forward to receive their 2nd dose at the Central Field Hospital (CFH).

MHMS says those eligible for their second vaccine dose have been slow to turn up at the CFH.

As of early this week 1,303 people who are eligible for the 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose are yet to present themselves at the CFH. Of the 1,303 people due for their second jab 474 are for the Sinopharm vaccine and 829 for AstraZeneca.

During the trial of both COVID-19 vaccines results show that the second dose enhances the ability of the human body to fight off COVID-19 once one comes in contact with the virus.

“A person who is fully vaccinated or receiving both 1st and 2nd vaccine dose is better protected from being sick, hospitalized and dying from COVID-19 than those who only receive 1 single dose.

“Additionally, a fully vaccinated person is less likely to spread the virus to others compared to the single dose recipient as the vaccines help to reduce the viral load or levels within the human body,” the health ministry said in a prepared statement.

With the 2nd dose, it is recommended that for the AstraZeneca group the 2nd dose be taken 14 days before or after the date of their first vaccination as shown on their card.

For the Sinopharm group they will need to take their 2nd dose within 7 days following the date of their first vaccination.

Source: MHMS Media Release