Have you ever thought that shopping second hand was something you would never do?

Maybe you should take a trip to the Solomon Islands. Second hand shopping is the only preferred way to shop for clothes in the Solomons. In fact for many it is the only way to shop.

Most of the clothes you find in second hand shops are often genuine expensive brands like Chanel, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and even Prada. Australian Brand 'Valley girl' is also quite popular in the second shops.

While some may view second hand clothes with some disdain, shoppers in Honiara are scooping up these designer brands almost on a daily basis.

"Oh yes definitely, I love second hand shopping. There are only Chinese shops in Honiara and they only cater for small sizes. Second hand however gives me a lot of choices," says Ms. Angela Gwao, a mother of two who is a frequent second hand shopper.

Even expatriates living in the Solomons prefer second hand shopping.

"I like visiting second hand shops as they are quite up to date in fashion. I was quite resistant at first as I don't go second hand shopping at home. However, I've come to love it and of course when I go home, I won't be able to experience this again as second hand shops at home only have old things," says Amanda from Australia who is a vivid second hand goer.

And why not? When second hand shops gives you the most updated and fashionable quality clothes.