Mrs Vika Lusibaea, the newly elected Member of Parliament for North Malaita will go down in history as the second women to have entered the Solomon Islands Parliament.

Mrs Lusibaea, originally from Fiji, is the wife of former MP Jimmy Lusibaea who lost the North Malaita seat over a jail sentence he had received during the ethnic tensions.

It was a landslide victory for Mrs Lusibaea following Wednesday's by-election. She polled a total of 2,802 votes ahead of the second candidate Fredrick Kwanairara with 901 votes.

Supporters of North Malaita MP-elect, Vika Lusibaea have defended her victory saying she was the only candidate endorsed by North Malaita Council of Chiefs.

Mrs Lusibaea's supporters have also defended her limited literacy skills saying previous North Malaita Parliamentarians held university degrees but have not delivered any tangible development to the constituency.

Governor General Sir Frank Kabui is expected to make the official declaration.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands National Council of Women also congratulated Vika Lusibaea for winning the North Malaita seat also saying that this has proven that other women in the country can also follow by having to work in partnership with men.

Mrs Lusibaea's win over the North Malaita seat is a victory for all the women in Malaita and elsewhere in the country, stating that such victory cannot be achieved if both men and women are not working together to support each other.