Solomon Islanders continue to benefit from New Zealand's Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Scheme, which began in 2007, thanks to the ongoing interest of New Zealand employers who recruit our workers.

Coupled with this success is the close collaboration of New Zealand's Department of Labour and the New Zealand High Commission in Honiara with the Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade. All parties are working hard to strengthen the RSE for Solomon Islands.

While the successes and benefits of RSE are welcomed it is also important that the LMU continue to inform and remind members of the public who have interests in the RSE scheme to be aware of the current recruitment arrangements for the RSE in Solomon Islands.

The LMU is the office responsible for accrediting or licensing the agents. It is also responsible for regulating, monitoring and disciplining agents if they are found to be operating in contrary to agreed rules.

The LMU publishes the list of current licensed agents on its website from time to time. The public can also get first hand information about licensed agents by contacting the LMU in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade.

For ease and public information, the following companies/names are licensed agents who can currently recruit for the RSE: -Nixon and Malcolm Recruitment Agency: Contact persons-Nixon Asugeni and Malcolm;-Pacific Island Workforce Ltd: Contact person- Catherine Sheardown;-Seasonal Employment Agent of Solomon Island: Contact person- Simon Tarifiu; -Suhairato Recruiters: Contact person-Jacob Kinai.

Official visa application and medical forms for workers are only given to licensed RSE agents by the New Zealand High Commission and not directly to the workers. Photocopied forms on the other hand will not be accepted.

New Zealand's Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme is the only seasonal labour arrangement that Solomon Islands Government formally participates in.

The public is encouraged to contact the LMU for further information on the RSE and current agents.

Source: Press Release, Government Communication Unit