British High Commission in Solomon Islands partnered with the local theatre group Dreamcast Theatre to train school children in filmmaking.

Children from St Nicholas, Coronation, Honiara Integrated Community High School, Tuvaruhu and Koloale primary schools in Honiara were trained in filmmaking ahead of Commonwealth Day.

Training was facilitated by Dreamcast Theatre Group film producers, who guided the school children through camera work, script writing and scene production.

Prior to filmmaking the children learned about the Commonwealth, its work, history and the principles of the Commonwealth Charter. They then chose which core values and principles of the Charter resonated with them to produce a film.

After learning about the Commonwealth Charter, the children decided to produce films based on 3 core values and principles of the Charter namely: protecting the environment, human rights and democracy.

Grouped according to their schools, the children were then taught to produce films depicting these three principles. The films will be shown today on Commonwealth Day.

Opened by British Deputy High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Emma Davis, the three-day filmmaking training began last Wednesday at Dreamcast Theatre art hub in China Town.

Films produced by the children will be screened this afternoon at the Dreamcast Theatre art hub in Honiara.

This year’s Commonwealth Day theme is “forging a sustainable and peaceful common future”.

Source: Media Release