The Solomon Islands tertiary and skills authority website crashed yesterday as deadline for scholarship applications approaches.

The website was established to make it easy for students to apply online. It was also fast tracked during the COVID-19 pandemic given the need to apply social distancing, shifting applications online seemed like the sensible thing to do.

"Yes, the site crashed yesterday, and we were told we had a lot of traffic and I guess the website could not cope, we are talking to the developers on how best to address this," a person familiar with the matter at the Ministry of Education stated.

Attempts to get comments from the web developers of the website was not possible.

Deadline for scholarship applications is on the 31st of January 2021. 1,000 scholarships are offered by the government for 2021, and while it will be a fully funded scholarship all of the recipients will be based in-country. 

The scholarships range from technical trainings to degree and post graduate studies. It is also not limited to public officers as there are specific allocations made to those in the private sector.