The Houenipwela led government has passed its budget for 2018, totaling SBD$3.7 Billion Dollars.

SBD$2.8 Billion has been allocated for recurrent expenditure, SBD$700 Million for the development budget and $224 Million for national budgetary support.

Government has come under fire for cutting costs in certain areas, of note is the support given to provincial governments through the PCDF. Prime Minister Hou had clarified that the budget for provincial governments will also include money that was not used last year under the PCDF, totalling some SBD$30 million dollars.

Other ministries have also faced massive cuts, “a necessary exercise given the decline in overall revenue,” stated government sources.

Prime Minister Hou says that despite the limited time in office, his Ministers “will waste no time in implementing its ministerial programs.”

Parliament has been adjourned until July 8th 2018.