Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has handed over SBD$1 million dollars to the Gaena’alu Movement at Komuvaolu village, East Guadalcanal.

The Gaena’alu Movement consists of key landowners on East Guadalcanal.

Speaking during the delivery yesterday, Prime Minister Lilo appealed to the movement’s leadership to support major projects planned for the province.

Mr Lilo says the delivery signifies the beginning of a process of empowering the Gaena’alu movement on Guadalcanal so that “developments on Guadalcanal can be a reality.”

The funds will initially be used to assist Gaena’alu in tourism, cultural heritage and conservation heritage development programmes.

“It is my wish that the movement champions a way forward so that when major projects on Guadalcanal are discussed the Government knows exactly who to deal with,” said the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, President of the Gaena’alu Movement Mr. Jerry Sambino says he is thankful for the recognition and support shown by the government.

Mr Sabino assured Mr Lilo of his people's support towards development efforts on Guadalcanal.

Parliament last year approved SBD$1 million Dollars to the Gaena’alu Movement under its 2013 budget to empower indigenous culture.