The names of Samoan nationals who became victims of last week's tsunami have been released and the death toll as of Saturday is at 135 deaths and 310 injured.

This is according to the report by SamoaLiveNews.
According to the report, of the 135 deaths, 117 are Samoan nationals. Their names can be found at the link provided below to SamoaLiveNews.

According to Australia Network News, there are 32 casualties in American Samoa as a result of the events of last week.

Matangi Tonga Online has reported that 9 lives were lost there with the Prime Minister's Office releasing the names.

The nine deaths are:

1. Losalio Lefai
2. Sefo Lefai
3. Toni Lefai (child)
4. Tina Lefai (infant)
5. Kalolo Kivalu
6. Lesina Tupouto'a
7. Tu'ulomia Tavake
8. Heneli Losalu
9. Lupe Pukenga