A group of disappointed women matched to the inspector of health and environment office and demanded an explanation as to why they were stopped from selling salted fish at the Honiara main market on Friday.

Solomon Times met up with Ella, from the Health and Environment office, who said that a joint operation, which included RAMSI, the Solomon Islands police, Quarantine and Customs, worked together to target salted fish sold at the market.

She said that while she does sympathies with the protestors, they should have gone to the Fisheries division instead for an explanation.

She told Solomon Times that awareness talks were conducted early last week to the fish sellers at the market on the unprecedented selling of fish are often unfit for human consumption. "Some of the salted fish at the market should not be sold because it endangers the lives of the buyers," said Mrs. Ella.

"We are governed by the law...our division is concerned with the health of the people and not with the revenue of the market."