Landowning groups in Russell Islands are calling on the national government to halt further negotiations and payment intended for indigenous Russell Islanders until landowning groups settle their differences and change their current leadership.

Concerned indigenous Russell Islanders, Walter Gata and Denis Akorea, said current leaders are becoming obstacles to social and economic development on Russell Islands.

Both leaders claim certain leaders attain their current status or leadership role in a manner that is not consistent with traditional protocols.

Mr Gata and Akorea said NCRA government must adhere to this call or its development plans for Russell Islands will become meaningless.

"Russell Islanders have a lot to reconcile, compromise, and forgive each other before they are ready to take on further developments on their land," said Mr Gata.

Both men said to be fair to all indigenous Russell islanders, the Government must halt any plans to dish out money to the landowners and let the landowning groups settle differences amongst themselves first.