The current Solomon Islands Government profess to be concerned about the development of the rural areas of the Solomon Islands.

"Our Telekom" is equally concerned about delivering GSM mobile services and the Internet to our rural peoples.

"... Our Telekom find it surprising that the Solomon Islands Government have decided to cancel Telekom's incentive to continue the rollout of services to the rural communities of the Solomon Islands, by cancelling our GST exemption for rural development."

The Government's decision, as a result, have placed Our Telekom's rural rollout to the non profitable rural areas of the Solomon Islands on hold until the matter of GST exemption for rural development is resolved.

For the time being, much of the equipment will remain with the Customs department until released without GST charges.

This means that Our Telekom delivery of GSM mobile services and internet services to Lata, Rennell, Buala, Kira Kira, Taro, Malu'u, Atoifi, Afio and many others will now be delayed.