The national rugby 7s training squad (men and women) are currently conducting a High-Performance Wellbeing & Lifestyle Performance (WLP) debrief today at the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports (SINIS).

This is after the successful completion of phase 2 & 3 of WLP assessment and their successful induction process. The players are now taking a step further to utilize High-Performance program and services at the institute.

“The debrief session aims to go through the assessment forms with individual athletes and help them develop an individual athlete wellbeing and lifestyle road map or plan,” SINIS said in a statement.

“This encourages players to capture their performance as well as future goals in and outside of sport and long term and short-term plans.

“Overall, the session helps the players to evaluate themselves across a wide range of areas and then we will work together to develop strategies for addressing the areas that will have the biggest impacts on their ability to perform as an athlete.”

SINIS says this will also assist them to identify WLP services, all of which will be tailored specifically for each athlete. The SINIS WLP team will help roll out WLP service activities for each athlete according to their road map/plan to attend during their free times.