The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force will test its operational responses by rehearsing a Joint Capability Exercise at Rove Prison and the Rove assembly ground this morning until May 13.

The Joint Capability Exercise involves RSIPF, Correction Services Solomon Islands' ERG (Emergency Response Group), RAMSI Participating Police Force officers and the Combined Task Force.

Commissioner Peter Marshall said the RSIPF is inviting government, diplomatic, NGO, church and business leaders to view the main Joint Capability Exercise from 9am on the 13th of May. Unit Commanders and an MC will provide commentary on the exercise for these guests.

Mr Marshall said the joint exercises are designed to prepare Police units to work together managing civil unrest, protests, prison breakouts and other major incidents.

"About 5O emergency personnel will demonstrate their use of riot and tactical equipment during exercises at Rove on May 13," he said. "Volunteers will also participate in the mock riot scenario."

The exercise will run in two phases covering scenarios of: (1) Prison breakout exercise control (2) Public Riot management. Current inmates at Rove Prison will be secured in another section of the prison while the exercise is completed.

Mr Marshall said these joint exercises provide a practical demonstration of support between agencies to incident with the potential to escalate into public disorder.
"Command and control arrangements between the RSIPF, Prison Service ERG, PPF and CTF personnel are also fine-tuned," Mr Marshall said.

"The Joint Capability Exercise is expected to involve loud noises and people movements of police and military personnel - particularly focused around Police Headquarters, Rove over the next few days. However, members of the public need not be alarmed."

Mr Marshall said that minor disruption to traffic may be caused by heavy vehicle movements during these exercises and the patience of drivers and other members of the public was sought.

"These are important training exercises to help authorities protect and serve the community in times of major events or crisis," he said.

Practice rehearsals will be conducted on May 8, 11 and 12 from 9am-11am. The main joint exercises will be run the morning of Wednesday 13 May. The internal prison drills run from 7am-9am and the main exercise on the Rove Assembly Ground from 9am to 10.30am.