Acting Police Commissioner, Mr. Mostyn Mangau says they will deal with individuals who breached regulations under the State of Emergency.

Speaking in his weekly press conference, Mangau says the State of Emergency declared by the Governor General means that police will enforce whatever is regulated and passed.

He said RSIPF will support other agencies as well as government departments to enforce these rules and make sure citizens abide to these rules.

“Parliament will convene within 14 days to pass this resolution for the State of Emergency and to determine the fate of the State of Emergency,” Mr. Mangau said.

“If Parliament passes this resolution, this State of Emergency will go on for another 4 months as was explained by the Attorney General during the declaration of the State of Emergency”, Mangau said.

Mangau appeals to the general public not to panic and to get reliable information from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS).

“This is the only reliable government source giving us updates about this virus, COVID-19”, he said.

He said RSIPF will continue to provide support to key agencies Health, Immigration, Customs and Bio-Security with their work to ensure Solomon Islands is protected against COVID-19.

He said this State of Emergency is an additional work placed on the RSIPF apart from law and order.

Mangau said RSIPF will continue to enforce law and order in the country as well as the borders and to respond to any incidents that may occur.

He said RSIPF will ensure there is security provided at the quarantine sites so that agencies wil be able to do their work during this State of Emergency.