The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) officers who are currently in Brisbane begin their training conducted by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on 31 January 2022.

Commander Telfer during his opening speech says, “The importance of the long standing relationship between the AFP and RSIPF is that the AFP remains a valued and preferred partner of choice of the RSIPF, shown by committing specialist RSIPF units to long-term world class training in Australia with the AFP.”

Commander Telfer says, “The AFP goal was to provide quality and relevant training for the RSIPF and Pacific partners. The training was delivered and supported by professional full time AFP Operational Safety Trainers experienced in dealing with armed offenders and instances of large scale civil unrest.”

Commander Telfer adds he is looking forward to seeing the training progress and he intends to visit weekly to track the training and receive feedback on its relevant application to serve the RSIPF.

First training day lessons include Law Enforcement Trauma Training and theory on Active Armed Offender responses designed to save lives in mass victim scenarios.

Practical exercises included applying first aid to major bleeding and creating airways both critical to saving lives.

Leader of the RSIPF team Superintendent Lionel Kapisa stated this training reinforced and added to our knowledge base commenting the practical application of newly acquired skills using advanced training aids. The first aid training was very life-like including imitation blood and training dummies.

Superintendent Kapisa said the contingent members enjoyed their first training day and were looking forward to further practical exercises in the remaining weeks of the training.

Source: RSIPF media