The Maritime Department of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is now rearmed with Glock pistols as part of the rearmament program.

This is part of the stage limited rearmament of the RSIPF. Police Response Team (PRT) and Close Personal Protection (CPP) are already armed and now the Maritime is the third group within the RSIPF to be rearmed.

The Maritime has gone through Accountability, Authority and Responsibility (AAR) training as part of the requirement and now they will undergo two weeks training on Glock pistols as part of capability development. The two patrol boats will be armed as part of the rearmament.

The need for the RSIPF Maritime to rearm is to enforce law and order on our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Solomon Islands (SI), protect life and properties, to fulfil the national security requirements of the SI and provide protection to visiting dignitaries.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) National Operation Evelyn Thugea who attended the official opening of the two weeks training program said this training on the rearmament of RSIPF Maritime is very important for RSIPF and whole communities in the SI.

AC Thugea said the rearmament now extends to the Maritime which is another millstone for RSIPF. We are able to reach this far so it is an indication that we are developing.

Our people will be watching you as you are the selected ones to be armed within the Maritime Department.

It is the intention of the government that certain groups within the RSIPF be rearmed and now we have witnessed it today and I would like to thank the partners for supporting us to reach this far, Thugea said.

Eight Maritime officers are currently undergoing the firearm training. 


Source: Press Release RSIPF Media