As the global community prepares to observed the International Women's Day today, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) also successfully concluded its Women’s Advisory Network (WAN) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Honiara.

Initiated on Wednesday, the two-day meeting convened female officers from Honiara and various provinces, serving as a platform for discussions and reflections on the RSIPF's initiatives in advancing gender equality within its ranks.

Organized by RSIPF WAN and supported by the RSIPF-AFP Policing Partnership Program (RAPPP), the AGM is a pivotal event for the WAN, which is marking its 20th year since establishment in 2004.

The WAN plays a crucial role in the ongoing efforts of the RSIPF to enhance opportunities and outcomes for women in policing, both within the Solomon Islands and the broader Pacific region. This conference unites RSIPF females, aiming to shape the organization's future and ensure an environment where women can thrive.

The last WAN AGM occurred five years ago in 2019, with disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, internal unrest, and operational priorities hindering subsequent meetings. In his keynote address at the opening of the AGM, RSIPF Supervising Commissioner Ian Vaevaso commended the resilience of RSIPF women leaders. He urged the female officers present to serve as role models for their peers, particularly the younger recruits.

Highlighting RSIPF Commissioner Mostyn Mangau's role as the Executive Lead of the Pacific Island Chiefs of Police (PICP) WAN, Vaevaso emphasized Mangau's commitment to women's participation and gender equity within the RSIPF and the broader region.

Vaevaso reflected on the accomplishments of RSIPF’s WAN, including the establishment of a Sexual Assault Unit, deployment of women across various RSIPF departments and units, training opportunities, promotions, and the implementation of policies addressing pregnancy, sexual harassment, and gender issues. He emphasized the capability of women showcased through their roles in frontline and specialist units within the RSIPF, such as crime scenes, firearms and tactical units, police maritime, criminal investigation, traffic, and fire services.

AFP Acting Commander Solomon Islands, Clinton Smith, also addressed the opening, acknowledging RSIPF as a leader in promoting gender inclusion. He underscored the significance and value of the conference, recognizing it as an essential forum for RSIPF women to shape the organization's future and ensure an environment where women can achieve their full potential with support.

In conclusion, RSIPF Supervising Commissioner Vaevaso expressed gratitude to the RAPPP for their continuous support to the RSIPF WAN.


Source: Press Release, RSIPF Media