With a second Royal visit in 30 years, many members of the public would never miss an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. An opportunity that may only come once.

Speaking to Solomon Times, William Tui was among the hundreds of excited locals that were at the airport to witness the arrival of the royals. He described the moment as "one of the happiest time of his life."

He was also present on the roadside to wave to the Royal convoy traveling into town upon arrival and also present during the parade held at Lawson Tama to commemorate the 30th Independence.

Mr. Tui said that he had seen them on television, read about them in papers and seen them in magazines, "and now I have the chance of a lifetime to see the Royal Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. I am very excited and happy to have seen the Royal couple and I believe many Solomon Islanders feel the same," he added.

Mr. William Tui left his family in Malaita and traveled to Honiara to see the Royal couple. 30 years ago, Mr. Tui never had the chance to see the Royal family, visit Solomon Islands, for the first Independence celebrations, and this year however, he believes he is making history for his family.