The roll out of the AstraZeneca vaccine second dose for those who received their first dose in March, April and May at the Central Field Hospital in Honiara has commenced yesterday.

Leading the line to receive the 2nd dose was Attorney-General Mr. John Muria Jr. followed by Chairman of Caucus Honourable Namson Tran, Minister of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) Hon Lanelle Olandrea Tanangada, Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau and members of the RSIPF including staff of Solomon Airlines and customs.

The Honourable Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, Health Minister Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana and other government ministers and officials who also received vaccination on day one (1) of COVID-19 vaccine roll out will receive theirs this Sunday after returning from the Isabel Province 2nd Appointed Day.

The Ministry of Health says that those who are due to receive their 2nd AstraZeneca vaccine jab can get it on the exact day as stated in their vaccination card or within 14 days following the date on their cards.

The second dose is important to further boost the body immune system to fight against COVID-19.

At the Central Field Hospital, there are two tents set up in front of the hospital, one for those to receive their first dose of Sinopharm vaccine and the other for AstraZeneca second dose.

Inside the hospital, the 54 cubicles are separated into two groups, one for the administration of the Sinopharm vaccine and the other for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Sinopharm vaccine is open for all persons 18 years and above in Honiara and Guadalcanal province who have access to the hospital whilst AstraZeneca is only for those coming to receive their second dose.

Health is calling on all eligible people (18 years and above) to come forward for the Sinopharm vaccine.

“Let us take proactive measures to protect ourselves and our country against COVID-19. It is critical that we are all aware that in the event of a community transmission we will scramble for the vaccines but it will already be too late as our bodies will require time to build these antibodies or soldiers to be able to fight the virus,” the Ministry of Health said in a prepared statement.

“We plan to roll out the COVID vaccine to eastern and Western parts of Guadalcanal Province and will inform you about the details of the roll out in future press briefs.”

Source: MHMS Press Release