Heads of Department of the National Referral Hospital farewells Dr. Chen Hsien Ching and Nurse Specialist, Pan Feng-Jy who have served in the country for the past three months.

Dr. Chen and Ms. Pan have been serving at the Taiwan Health Centre based at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara.

The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Honiara reports that Dr. Chen and Ms. Pan's hardworking and professional medical skill has benefit many locals and "they have won themselves the recognition from the local community."

"This achievement highlights strong medical cooperation between Taiwan and Solomon Islands," the Embassy states.

Arriving in the Solomons on 25th September, Dr. Chen said that the talent and professional skills of local doctors "really impressed me".

"I feel confident that the quality of medical services in Solomon Islands will be better in the future by the strong cooperative relations between Taiwan and Solomon Islands."

Dr. Chen described his three months in Solomon Islands as "an unforgettable experience in my life".

"I have worked shifts that require being in a boat or truck to visit the remote villages to see my patients and the appreciation from local people is overwhelming," he added.

The duo who leaves the country tomorrow, in their three months attachment, have extended their time giving free medical services to the rural areas at the Good Samaritan Hospital based in villages in the Western and Malaita provinces.