People of Gizo town in Western Province are questioning if infrastructure of their town will be fully complete to what it was before the tsunami.

Speaking with Solomon Times, a source within the provincial office, who wishes to be anonymous, stated that the roads are still in bad condition, "it has reached the worse stage."

He stated that this is because authorized companies winning the tender notices on fixing the roads haven't done their work properly.

Our source said to compare Gizo roads to other roads in Malaita Province, "it is very obvious that the companies have done a really bad job".

He said it is not to what it used to be before the tsunami.

"Instead of grading up to another level, they used gravels to patch up cracks caused by the earthquake, which are just being easily washed away when it rains," he said, adding the roads are not well structured as it is supposed to be.

The source said that Gizo public are very unhappy with the "final job" on their road.

"We are not the type of people to speak out to make public be aware of our situation so by our silence, the government assumes that we are appreciative of how things are for us now," he said.

Solomon Times was informed that people are still living in temporary tents.

"We want our government to look into our situation and figure out some valuable but well structured plans in developing Gizo again," the source said.

Solomon Times was informed that the roads are being fixed at the western end of Gizo town from Titiana village right down to the Siraghi village.