East Malaita will benefit from a road extension towards highland communities, which will improve access to basic services.

Work on the Taba’akwaru road has reached Mamulele village last week, which is estimated 3.5 kilometres from the main road-Faumamanu centre.

Eastern Esteem, the constituency’s construction arm has been working since last month on the vegetation clearance and gravelling.

Initial work on the Taba’akwaru road started way back in 2012 but due to the steep gradient and lack of funds, the construction was halted.

East Malaita MP also the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Development Hon. Manasseh Maelanga visited the road construction last week and was pleased with the phase.

“Our aim is to help people inland access to the government services and connecting to the outside world.

“Life is hard for my people seeing they travel the mountainous and dangerous bush paths to access services such as education, markets, health and trade,” he said.
“This roads once completed will be a dawn for people of ward 16 in my constituency,” he added.

The East Malaita MP also revealed the long term plan to extend the road to the Kwaibaita region connecting East Kwaio Constituency.

In the meantime, MID engineers have already submitted survey details for the Taba’a-Busu’oneh-Kilusakwalo route. These route which will connect with Central Kwara’ae Highlands road, will ran along the mountain ridges and descend down to Kilusakwalo village near Auki, shorter than the current Dala-Atori route.

This will be another major infrastructural project for the National Government to pursue for its implementation.

Source: OPMC