The success of the Riverside Village EU project is a "tremendous achievement" that demonstrates "cooperation, unity and leadership".

Writing from South Australia, Apollos Kalialaha, says the achievement has "done us proud not only for the community for an example to other women of Small Malaita".

"Now that you have put yourself in the public scene, continue with the good work by maintaining and caring for your machines, sanitation facilities, canteens etc."

He adds that experiences shows that the real challenge for such a project is not now but years down the line.

Mr. Kalialaha applauds "the folks" for the support, understanding and recognition in allowing wives and daughters to participate in this project.

"In feminism culture like we have in Small Malaita you have proven that "YES WE CAN." Stand with your women acknowledge and appreciate their skills, read their wisdom and listen to them."

He thanks EEC, project coordinators, resource personals and donors for a worthwhile effort and contribution to the humble women of Riverside village.

He says such incentive may well be "a path to women in Parliament".

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