The Riverside community in South Malaita sets a good example on how to utilize well funding allocated purposely for rural development.

An officer who was part of the traveling European Union Micro Project Program delegates, Steward Tabo, made the comment during the handover ceremony last Wednesday.

He said the success of the Riverside project goes to show how well the whole project was handled.

"This is a large amount given to the people of the Riverside community and I am very pleased with how they have handled the money well to see a successful completion," Mr. Tabo said.

He said that the project was among more than 800 applicants in 2007 of which only 92 applications were successful.

"During the process, many projects could not make it but Riverside community was among the lucky ones to have been selected."

Mr. Tabo expressed appreciation to the people of the Riverside community for a job well done.

"What we have witnessed here is a very good example of social service, through proper sanitation for the community, and income activity, through trainings given for the people."

He said the generous support put together by the Riverside people themselves displays commitment to see the success of the project.

Meanwhile, a well-respected community elderly, Daniel Ahukela, said he was pleased to see a project that benefited women of their community.

He said this is an encouragement to individuals in their community to turn their talents and skills into good use.

Mr. Ahukela said the training has turned people's attitude to be broad in their thinking and obtain better understanding on how to create business that could generate income.