Despite much attempt by the Kukum Traffice Police, the Road Toll continues to rise and is now standing at six.

Solomon Times took the time to speak to the Kukum Traffic Police after concerns were voiced about the ongoing accidents happening around Honiara.

Kukum Traffic police officer, Mrs. Stella Wasukana, stated that regardless of the advice by the police, Honiara residents have been ignorant to the dangers of reckless driving.

"Although, we understand that both pedestrians and drivers could be at fault. Accidents happen only through carelessness, which is why the public should take extra care," advised Mrs. Wasukana.

"Drivers have to make sure they drive while being sober and that their brakes and lights are working. Pedestrians must take extra precautions while crossing the road. Make sure to wear bright clothes at night and always stay on the side of the road," Mrs. Wasukana continues to advice.

The Kukum Traffic Police are working hard on ways to tackle this problem. They have been setting road blocks around Honiara to crack down on drivers and cars without license. The Kukum Traffic understand that they need the co-operation of the public to tackle the continous rise of road accidents.

Mr. Henry Houla was the latest traffic accident victim after being hit in front of the Honiara Casino on evening of July 26. He died few days later, after suffering from massive injuries to the head. Mr Houla was a Correctional service worker and was survived by his wife and three children.