Nafinua Community, Ward 15 of East Malaita Constituency has stepped in to settle differences with their National Parliament Representative who is also the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Hon. Manasseh Maelanga.

The reconciliation took place at Nafinua Health Centre, Tuesday this week, was witnessed by villagers, church leaders and Health workers.

Community representative and Registered Nurse, Everlyn I’io, after presenting a traditional shell money to Hon. Maelanga laments that it is a sign of mending the broken relationship which some members of the community and surrounding areas have towards the leader in the recent election.

“As customary of us, the shell strings symbolizes settling the row and opening a new path for us to continue pursuing development goals our constituency.
“This event is witness by our younger generation which they will foster to maintain unity amongst our people,” Mrs. I’io remarked.

Hon. Maelanga, upon receiving the shell money gift, calls for strengthening of partnership to drive development goals.

“I want us to work together for the betterment of our constituency. As your leader, I am always open to help out in many ways,” he said adding that people should leave politics aside and help the constituency office with projects that will help improve the run-down clinic and service delivery.

Nafinua Health Centre once owned by South Seas Evangelical Church (1970’s) and currently under Malaita Provincial Government is the alternate site for Atoifi Hospital which serves more than 20,000 people of Kwara’ae and Fataleka.

For past years, the clinic has been given little attention. It is in dire need of new standard buildings and clinical apparatus, water supply, power system and vehicles for ease of logistics.

DPM assures the East Malaita people that the constituency officers will work with the provincial government on areas needing MP’s support embarking on projects for the centres’ improvement.

Hon. Maelanga and his Constituency Project Officer, William Kwalemanu, also take the opportunity to handover building materials to assist renovation works on the dilapidated clinic building.

Hon. Maelanga led a team comprising of Malaitan MP’s and government officials, who travel down to Malaita conducting awareness on the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package assistance in constituencies and provincial wards since last week.

A talk was also conducted at Nafinua Centre which more than 50 villagers attend.

Source: OPMC Media