Today, the Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) began a two day workshop to discuss preparatory interventions for the review of the National Disaster Management Plan 1987.

Acting Minister for Home Affairs, Hon. Steve Abana, in his opening address stated that the workshop is another effort by the government to better manage disaster and emergency issues with all its main partners within the country and abroad.

"The Government of the day is responsible for the safety of the residents and communities in the country but the Government it self cannot guarantee the safety of the people, therefore in order to reach that degree of assurance every one needs to work the together," Hon. Abana states.

"Management of disasters and emergencies requires all partners to net work, collaborate and work as a team in the effort to reduce risks from hazards affecting our communities," he continued.

"I want to note with appreciation, the initiative, the proactive attitude and the disaster risk reduction undertaken by NDMO in collaboration with its partners. I want to thank the Government of Australia through its aid agency, "AUSAID", who had assisted and supported NDMO in a co-funding the majority of the office's capacity development efforts," said Hon. Abana.

Hon. Abana also thanked the Government of Japan through JICA who funded two community level disaster risk reduction and disaster preparedness workshops, which were held at the Rennell and Bellona Province and in Isabel Province early this month.

The Honorable Minister also thanked the United Nations Organizations, who had been very supportive to the Solomon Islands needs.

He then went on to thank the local NGOs, churches, private sector partners, in particular, the SI Red Cross who have been very supportive to NDMO.

"I look forward to reading and presenting to the cabinet and the parliament the fruits of your deliberations and the completed evidence of these important and essential operations and management tools for the management of disasters and emergencies in Solomon Islands," said Hon. Abana in his final statement.

The workshop which will end tomorrow, were attended by the key stakeholders from the Government and private sectors who were heavily involved with the recovery efforts of the tsunami which hit the Western Province in 2007.