Technical advisor at the Ministry of Health and Medical services, Dr Yogesh Choudhri, says there will be restrictions after lockdown is lifted 6pm this evening.

Dr Yogesh was speaking during the health’s talkback show on the national broadcaster yesterday.

He says movements will be limited to those going out of their homes for essential things like grocery and medical care.

“Restrictions will also apply to those who can open business and shops, so the people who work in businesses and shops have to be fully vaccinated.

“People who are allowed to come out should also be fully vaccinated with two doses.

“Wearing of mask will be mandatory if you come out of your house, we are still seeing community transmission, so even if the lockdown is open community transmission will still be happening,” Dr Yogesh said.

“It was heartening to see people wearing masks before the lockdown, but the social distancing is always an issue.”

He says in terms of public transportation those that operate and use such service must be fully vaccinated.

Access to government buildings and services will also be restricted, with only those that are fully vaccinated allowed entry.

Dr Yogesh says these are the sorts of restrictions that will be expected once the lockdown is lifted, and to expect other restrictions as further assessments are made.