Former IFM Commander Andrew Te’e has spoken out against unruly behaviour by youths from Temotu living in Lunga.

A reconciliation and restoration ceremony was held Tuesday at the Guadalcanal Provincial Police Headquarters, after a young Guadalcanal man was brutally assaulted by youths from Temotu.

Mr Te’e spoke out strongly during the reconciliation ceremony, reminding those in attendance that Guadalcanal people are kind hearted and peace loving.

“You abuse us, our land, disrespect our culture and tradition, yet we keep quiet, please do not take advantage of our kindness and quietness,” he said strongly.

“You must stop your swearing at Guadalcanal, you must realise that when you curse Guadalcanal, you are swearing at our mother, this land is our mother. You are swearing at thousands of innocent Guadalcanal people, our children, fathers, mothers, leaders and ancestors. Whilst our country is going through a healing process, your behaviour is the last thing we expect and wish to entertain. This must stop today, we must respect each other.”

Te’e then called for a juvenile facility for young people and to explore other measures such as returning individuals to their province or island of origin when they deviate from socially acceptable norms and disrespect Guadalcanal people and their way of life. He says in the same way Guadalcanal people misbehaving must also return to their home villages.

“It must be made clear that we do not want any form of cash or food exchange compensation, these things have lost their real cultural values, all we want is for relevant authorities and leaders to communicate at their level to ensure our respect is given,” Te’e stressed.