Facemasks, sanitizers and gloves are now running out of stock in private pharmacies.

This week owner of a local pharmacy in Honiara says she now has ran out of supplies for the said essential items.

"Normally people used to buy only basic necessities and whatever they need in the shop but now we experience mostly bulk buying".

She said basic medicines like panadol are also bought in bulk by customers.

"So now we are looking at rationing our supplies and encouraging customers to buy just enough supplies for their families", she said.

With the current ban of international flights, local pharmacies are also feeling the brunt of COVID-19.

Most of their medicines and supplies are transported via planes from Australia and New Zealand as well as Fiji.

With the restriction in flight movement, this has proved very challenging for the local business.

''There had been no new items. Our stock is only from beginning of this month March", she said.

She said the least people can do now is to follow advice given by the health ministry.

"Self quarantine if you must and avoid unnecessary gatherings in the neighbourhood. Stay way from crowded areas and try to keep healthy", she said.

It is not clear how long this pandemic will go on for but people are encouraged to look after themselves.

So far Solomon Islands is one of few countries in the world without any confirmed cases of COVID-19, as yet.