An independent environment audit into Solomon Islands Gold Ridge Tailings Dam recommends that the Gold Ridge Mining Limited (GRML) should shut down its operations, install the water treatment plant and discontinue any further extraction of water from Chovohio River.

The audit report compiled by an independent environment auditor for Metapona Downstream Association, Kolobisi Tailings Dam Association and Gold ridge community and landowners council representatives recommends that the retained water is of good quality resembling those of the Tinahulu in terms of trace metal concentration.

The report recommends that GRML shut off pumps 1 and 2 from Chovohio River and pump in 'return water' to fill the tanks at the processing plant adding that the untreated water could be pumped to the returning water dam.

In addition, the water collection pond at the processing plant should be cleared off the silts and clay that is accumulated should be discharged. The pond should also be filled to its capacity which means the pumping rate should be increased from the current 234 cubic meters per hour.

It states the ore contains about 20 percent moisture which is a positive addition of water into the processing plant and eventually to the Tailings Storage Facility.

The report says the amount of ore feed into the processing plant should be reduced by 20 percent during the crucial period of 10 weeks from now.

It says if GRML does not implement any of these measures then it should shut down its operations immediately.