Rennell Bellona premier, Timothy Johnson, calls on the Minister for Culture and Tourism and M-P for Rennell-Bellona to apologise to provincial premiers for labelling their idea stupid.

Mr. Johnston's call follows recent statement in Parliament by the Culture and Tourism Minister, Seth Gukuna.

Premier Johnston says branding provincial premiers' idea as stupid is not acceptable.

Mr Gukuna, while speaking in parliament, said he does not support the idea by the provincial premiers who want government to pay money from the millennium and livelihood funds to the provincial assemblies instead of members of parliament.

He described the idea as stupid.

But Premier Johnston says although Mr Gukuna made the statement under parliamentary privileges, it does not alter the fact that he had demeaned the respect and integrity of provincial Premiers as leaders.

Premier Johnson says he felt offended by such remarks from a national leader, adding that the people and provincial government of Rennell Bellona disassociate themselves from the remarks.

Source: SIBC