Registration of voters currently undertaken in and for the provinces of Western and Choiseul is nearing its completion.

The field work commenced from 2 August 2022.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) teams have been going around respective constituencies for both provinces to register eligible voters.

"As soon as teams have completed all their voter registration centers according to their schedules, they will all return to provincial centers for retrievals.

"We have received positive feedbacks on the work undertaken by our teams.
"We acknowledge the overwhelming support and assistance shown from our community chiefs, elders and people when receiving our teams in their communities," SIEC said in a prepared statement.

SIEC says once the registration phase is completed, all data collected will be imported onto their main database for the production of a draft or provisional list for each constituency. This will be published for public scrutiny and checks.

Followed on will be the omission and objection phase, a time when objections can be made on the provisional list.

"As soon as omissions and objections were received, there will be public inquiries made on the objections received by our Revising Officers. This will be our final fieldwork in settling the provisional lists," SIEC explained.

The Commission will produce the final register of electors for both provinces by 30 October 2022.

Source: SIEC Press