Regional representatives began their meeting today in Lami, Fiji, to discuss the need to review existing legislations for urban society progress in the region.

According to the Fiji Times Online, teams from nine countries in the region gathered in Fiji to discuss the Commonwealth Local Government Forum Pacific Project, which is 'aimed at improving the quality of life of urban residents through promoting good local governance vales and improving service delivery'.

Regional adviser, Terry Parker, said there is a need to update current legislation and to make it more adaptable and effective. While he acknowledged that the legislation differs for every country, Mr. Parker says that they are aware that every South Pacific country present for the meeting is in favour of reviewing their current legislation.

Suva's mayor, Ratu Peni Volavola, predicted that in the near future, the majority of Pacific Islanders would be found in urban areas, adding that, "Never before there has been more responsibility on and expectation from local government to manage urban growth and development."