A basic refereeing course is being conducted at the SIFF Academy in Honiara for potential referees. Twenty-four participants, including 13 women, have registered for the course.

The course is supervised by SIFF Referee Development Officer and Referee Instructor, Justin Mutukera, with assistance from local senior referees including Matthew Taro, Robert Sulimae, Nelson Sogo, John Sa'ohu, Hugo Hebala and Chris Saeni. FIFA Assistant Referee Assistance Program for the Oceania region, Neil Poloso, is assisting the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Referee Development Office with the course.

According to Justin Mutukera the basic refereeing course covers the Laws of the Game, Basic Refereeing Theory and Practice, Interpretation of the Laws of the Game. The course will also look at technical areas like identifying and differentiating infringements, the offside rule, restarts and referee and linesman signalling.

Mutukera explained that those who pass the course will receive a SIFF Basic Refereeing Certificate. All participants, including those who fail to pass the requirements, will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance. While this awards system is there to ensure quality, Mutukera says that referees who fail to meet the requirements will be encouraged to continue training.

The SIFF Basic Refereeing Certificate qualifies the recipients to officiate in SIFF Junior and Youth Level Events, Women's football leagues and the Honiara Football Association Division 2 league.

The course will end this week.

Press Release (SIFF Media)