The Animal Committee of the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species, CITES has recommended that Solomon Islands reduce its annual quota of live bottlenose dolphin export to 10.

Government had set the current annual export quota at 100 live bottlenose dolphins, as this particular species is now protected under CITES.

However, at its 24th meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, the Animal Committee has recommended that the quota be reduced to 10.

Chris Porter, owner of the Gavutu dolphin island in Central province welcomes the news.

Mr Porter says that by reducing the number of dolphins for export helps to not only conserve the species, but to increase the value of the dolphins in Solomon Islands.

He says the CITES Animal Committee recommendation will be formally presented to government and it should be highly regarded because CITES is the authority in this area.

He says what's exciting is that CITES has authorised the trade of dolphins in Solomon Islands and that has endorsed and supported all the work that his company has been doing for the last seven years.

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